Translations for the VAT plugin

Need to be able to show the plugin in your language? Then please use the translations below.

If a translation for your language is not listed, please consider translating the English language version then send us a copy of your translation so we can add it here. If you can do a better job with the translation or you can see any errors in an existing translation, please update it and send your improvement to us.

How to translate

1. Download the POEdit version for your operating system and install.

2. Download a ‘.po’ file from the next section

3. Open the downloaded .po file using POEdit

4. Translate the text

5. Save the file

6. Send an email to translations@wproute.com attaching your updated .po file and also the generated .mo file

Any non-grammatical words or characters should not be translated. For example, the character pair ‘%s’ is used as a placeholder for a value, such as the price or amount of tax.

You should save the file for your language in a form that follows the pattern of the existing .po files. This is:


where [locale] is of the form of two, two letter codes: [language]_[COUNTRY]. So the locale for British English is ‘en_GB’.

You will know these codes for your language and country but if you have any doubt you can check this WikiPedia article for country codes and this WikiPedia article for language codes (hint: look in the column headed ‘639-1’).

POEdit is free to download and easy to use.

What is a .po file?

There’s no information in this section that you need to begin translating. This section is information only in case you are one of those who likes to know ‘why?’.

Many tools use a function called ‘gettext’ to allow alternative language translations to be shown and PHP (and, so, WordPress) is no exception. You can find out more about the ‘gettext’ function in this WikiPedia article.

The ‘gettext’ function expects to be able to access translations stored in a ‘portable object’ file which, by convention, has an extension of ‘.po’. Portable object files are highly structured so the ‘gettext’ function is able to find the reference string (the untranslated string) and find any corresponding translation.

Because .po files are highly structured, to edit these files it is MUCH easier to use a .po file editor like POEdit.

The ‘gettext’ function will determine the translation file to use based on locale information passed by your browser to the web server.

Existing translation files

This table documents and provides access to the language files available. The en_GB file is the reference version.

File Author Up-to-date
edd_vat-en_GB.po Lyquidity Yes
edd_vat-en_US.po Lyquidity Yes
edd_vat-fr_FR.po François Lamotte No
edd_vat-it_IT.po Marco Montemagno No

Text to translate

The following table shows the text used in the plugin that requires translating.
An error occurred during plugin activation:
An error occurred during plugin deactivation:
The VAT number supplied is too short
The VAT number supplied does not have a valid format
Simple check failed
An error occurred validating the VAT number supplied
An error occurred resetting the VAT number supplied
Vies check fails
Please enter your registered company name
The VAT plugin requires EDD 1.9 or later
Both the VIES check and the simple VAT number check are disabled. This is NOT recommended.
The SOAP functions necessary to perform the VIES check do not exist. You should install the PHP Soap extension or disable the VIES check.
The VIES service (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/) cannot be accessed. Your server may not permit outbound access. You should disable the VIES check.
plugin deactivation failed.
plugin deactivated.
The VAT number you have entered has not been validated
Your company
Your VAT number
Our VAT number
You can exclude sales tax if your business has a registered VAT number.
Click here to enter VAT details.
Enter a company name if this is a business purchase.
VAT Number
Enter your VAT number including country identifier such as GB123456789
No VAT number
Validate VAT number
VAT number validated
VAT number not validated
VAT number not given
VAT number changed
Company name changed
You must install %sEasy Digital Downloads%s for the VAT plugin to work.
VAT Sale
VAT Sales
Value of supplies
Sorry, trouble retrieving payment receipt.
VAT number
VAT Sales List
VAT Settings
License Key
Enter your license key for the VAT plugin to receive automatic upgrades
Company Name
Enter your company name as it appears on your VAT return (not case sensitive)
VAT Name
Enter the name for VAT in the base language of your site
If you are having difficulty validating the VAT number, check the \”Disable VIES check\” option below and save these settings.
After saving, try again to validate the VAT number.
Add EU member states
Enter the VAT rate you charge purchasers from other EU member states
Includes VAT label
Enter the label you want to appear when tax is included in prices and the tax rate is not zero
Use the token {taxrate} to show the tax rate. If the token does not appear, a tax rate will not be included in the label.
Includes zero VAT label
Enter the label you want to appear when tax is included in prices and the tax rate is zero
Excludes VAT label
Enter the label you want to appear when tax is excluded from prices and the tax rate is not zero
Excludes zero VAT label
Enter the label you want to appear when tax is excluded from prices and the tax rate is zero
Disable Vies check
Check this option if you do not want VAT numbers to be checked with the %sEU Vies system.%s
Disable the company name check
Check this option if you do not want the company name entered to be validated against the name registered with the VAT tax authority.
Disable simple check
Check this option if you do not want VAT numbers to be checked to have a correct format (not recommended)
Each EU member state has its own format for a VAT number. While we try to make sure the format rules are respected it is possible that a specific rule is not respected so a correct VAT umber is not validated. If you encounter this situation, use this option to prevent simple checks.
Enable sending the receipt as an email
Check this option if you want the email receipt message body to be the purchase confirmation.
Always apply VAT in same country
Check this option if you want VAT to always be added if sales are in the same country as the base country.
PDF color
Set the color to use for the VAT PDF generator if the EDD PDF Invoice plugin is installed.
Use theme templates
Check this option if you prefer to use your theme templates.
Make sure you have added VAT actions and shortcodes to your theme templates before checking this option.
Please read the plugin documentation to understand how to add VAT actions and shortcodes to your theme templates.
Use VAT details from the user’s profile
Disable meta key
Invoice Number
VAT Styles
Rest Button Styles
Enter your style class(es) for the button
Validate Button Styles
No VAT number has been supplied. VAT will be included
The company name associated with the VAT number provided is not the same as the company name provided.
The company name has changed
The VAT number has changed
The VAT number of the purchasing company
The name of the company making the purchase
No checkout page has been configured. Visit <a href=\”%s\”>Settings</a> to set one.
Added to cart
Go to Checkout
VAT Information
Enter the VAT number you wish to use by default when purchasing.
Enter the company name to which the VAT number applies
includes %s tax
excludes %s tax
Item Name
Item Price
Invoice Date
Invoice ID
Purchase Key
Payment Status
Payment Method
Invoice Items
Invoice Totals
Discount Used
Total Due
Additional Notes

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