Apply the correct VAT for non-digital as well as digital goods

The VAT for EDD plugin has been updated to support sites that want to sell digital AND physical products. In January this year the rules about how VAT is applied to digital goods changed but the rules that applied before January continue to apply to non-digital goods.

Because the plugin supported the pre-existing rules, it supports the sale of physical goods. It also includes options to support the rule change that affects digital goods. But until today the plugin could either support the pre-existing rules (that now apply to non-digital goods) or the new rules that affect digital goods – but not both in the same site.

From version 1.5.3, the VAT for EDD plugin is able to provide VAT support for both physical and digital goods that are sold in this same site. When using version 1.5.3 and you are currently selling digital products, a new meta-box is available when editing a download definition and this meta-box allows you to specify whether a download is a physical or digital product.

Look out for the update in your WordPress plugins list.

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