EDD Domestic or non-EU only

EDD Domestic or non-EU only

Restrict sales to domestic or non-EU buyers only.

For detailed information see the Documentation

  • Prevent sales to EU buyers not from your country.
  • Restrict your exposure to MOSS reporting requirements.
  • Continue to sell to non-EU buyers.
  • Let EU buyers know they are unable to buy.

Requires PHP 5.3 or later (PHP 7 tested). It is tested with EDD up to version 2.9.11 and with WordPress versions up to 5.03

Since January 2015 it has been necessary to account for sales of digital products and services to EU consumers using the VAT rules for digital products, often referred to as MOSS (mini one stop shop). This is a regulatory burden for some small business that may not have had to be registered for VAT because total sales fall below the threshold for VAT registration. Some tax authorities, for example the UK HMRC, have agreed that if a business that is not already registered for VAT does not sell to consumers in other EU member states then that business does not need to register with a MOSS and does not need to produce a MOSS return.

But how does a business selling digital goods an services using Easy Digital Downloads ensure that consumers from other EU member states do not make purchases? This is the purpose of this EDD extension.


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