EU VAT support for EDD


Join nearly 500 EDD sites using this plugin to add EU VAT support to their shop.

  • VAT is enabled based on visitor location
  • Validate and store any EU VAT number entered for B2B sales
  • Exclude VAT with a valid VAT number
  • Includes VAT template for PDF Invoices
  • Supports EU VAT digital services rules
  • Works with any EDD supported payment gateway

“The EU VAT support for EDD and companion EDD VAT-MOSS reporting plug-ins have been of indispensable value to ease dealing with the EU VAT-MOSS regulations when selling to all kinds of customers over Europe and the rest of the world.

“Support by Lyquidity has been exceptional, very fast and to the point, answering any question. They even took the effort to update the VAT-MOSS plug-in to add support for the (optional) EDD Discounts Pro plug-in. Highly recommended!”

Matthew Lane, www.matthewlane.com

“As a technical person company finances are never something I look forward to. To make things worse the 2015 VAT rules introduced a lot of complications and overheads. Like many other small businesses I was thinking of calling it quits until I heard of WP Route. Their WordPress plugins integrate seamlessly with my Easy Digital Download shopping cart and automate all the VAT kerfuffle for me.

Their support was also very helpful and give a personalized service. I wholeheartedly recommend their plugin.”

Robert Abela, www.wpsecurityauditlog.com

“Many thanks for this GREAT plugin! Well worth the money, and simple to set up. Congrats and good luck … ”

David A. Glen, Publisher & Managing Director, Creative Storytellers

“What a great product! Once I saw the videos, I could see that it covered just about every aspect of this VAT mess that was needed. I’ve already started recommending it to others.

Having this plugin has allowed me to reconsider shelving the series of premium articles that I was holding off on, due to the previous lack of ability to sell it with the correct VAT applied.”

Gary Jones, Web Developer, Gamajo Tech

For detailed information see the Documentation or Download the PDF

What you get: The plug-in and updates forever.

  • One-time purchase: the plugin is not transaction based
  • For EU and non-EU businesses
  • Supports business (VAT number verification) and consumer sales
  • Optionally prevent sales to EU consumers
  • Collects the evidence you need to support the VAT rate used
  • For consumer sales the correct VAT rate is applied based on the country of supply
  • Evidence is stored within the EDD payment record
  • Evidence is shown on the view order details payment history page
  • Adds reports to display VAT sales by country and the evidence collected
  • Includes the evidence in the payment export
  • Supports different VAT rules for physical and digital goods
  • Optionally disable VAT number validation for B2C only sites
  • Supports templates and custom styling

Requires PHP 5.3 or later (works with PHP 7.0). It is tested with EDD up to version 2.9.26 and with WordPress versions up to 5.5.3


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