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Spam Blaze is WordPress plugin that makes it simple to make more effective use of Spam Assassin

What you get: The plugin and updates for 12 months.

  • Easily add rules to block spam
  • Simple to setup and configure
  • Secured access to the services provided by the plugin
  • Define trademark and product names that should never reject and email
  • Define sender domains that should never be rejected
  • No messing with Spam Assassin configuration files
  • Block emails based on body content, header content or attachments
  • Block emails based on the country of the sender
  • Works with an existing Spam Assassin installation
  • Log blocked emails to check rule effectiveness
  • Review blocked email statistics to find out where spam originates
  • Rules can apply to all email accounts or just named groups of users
  • Creates a Spam Assassin update channel that can be used by sa-update
  • Allow group managers to create and maintain their own rule sets
  • Block emails from spam domains like .top or sent through servers in specific countries

The plugin requires PHP 5.4 or later. It is tested with Spam Assassin from version 3.3.1 and with WordPress up to 4.9

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