Submit your VAT EC Sales List Submissions to HMRC directly from Easy Digital Downloads or Woo Commerce. Use the free plugin available on the WordPress plug-ins site to review and report your B2B sales to EU companies then, optionally, buy credits to submit your…

Adds the ability to define product licenses for EDD and assign one of them to each download.

EDD supports terms and conditions but only one set. If you sell multiple digital products you may want different licenses to apply to each of those different products.

You are able to create as many licenses as you need and include a summary, either as a reminder for yourself or to show your clients.

The add-in installs 5 open source licenses: MIT, Apache, GPLv2, GPL (lesser) v2 and GPLv3. It also installs an example EULA commercial license.

This plugin provides options to add Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT support. Options include:

  • VAT can be enabled based on the site visitor’s location
  • User’s profile can be updated to include a status indicating whether VAT should be collected
  • Capture and validate any EU VAT number entered
  • Exclude VAT if a user enters a valid VAT number
  • Updated templates for PDF Invoices to include VAT if appropriate
  • Report to produce information for the quarterly VAT Sales List
  • Include the term ‘VAT’ at checkout and on invoices

Plugin update information is collected based on several events and any change information is stored as a site transient option.

An action is setup for every entry in the transient that holds plugin change information.

The action is used by the single_row() function of the WP_Plugins_List_Table class to render a notice about the respective plugin change.

This plugin is a replacement for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin updater for WordPress multi-sites.

Easy Digital Downloads and the Software Licensing plugin works just fine when used in single site configuration. However the update features available through the EDD SL plugin updater probably will not work in a multi-site configuration.


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