VAT plugins, VAT-MOSS, SAF-MOSS and ECSL …

Recently we released two plug-ins:

VAT-MOSS – Generate your VAT-MOSS reports automatically. No later than April 20th we will need to have submitted a MOSS return to our tax authority to document the VAT collected on sales to EU consumers. We have been in contact with all EU member states and currently the plugin will generate the MOSS report in the required upload format of 10 EU member states with new ones being added every week. Even if the plugin doesn’t support the format of your country’s tax authority today it will generate a MOSS report so you are able to type in the return you must complete before April 20th.

You can find out more about the VAT-MOSS plug-in on our web site or on the WordPress.org site.

ECSL (European Customer Sales List) – This is a plug-in that is useful to customers registered for VAT or MOSS with the UK’s tax authority, HMRC, and which sell to businesses (B2B) in other EU member states. Those business who do must complete an EC Sales List return each quarter. This plugin allows you to complete the ECSL submission to HMRC in WordPress directly from your EDD sales records.

You can find out more about the VAT-ECSL plug-in on our web site or on the WordPress.org site.

Once you have uploaded your first MOSS return, the tax authorities in any one of the EU member states may choose to audit your returns. If they decide to request an audit you will need to provide details of sales to EU consumers in an ‘audit file’. Lead by the EC commission, the tax authorities have agreed a standard format for the audit file (SAF). We are currently completing a plugin you will be able to use to generate an audit file of your EDD sales records that you will be able to send.

SAF-MOSS for all our customers – make sure you are prepared for an audit – better safe than sorry. This plug-in will be available on the WordPress.org site.

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